Whatever you ask

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Mark 11:24

Prayer is communication with God.  It is our responsibility to go before Him and make our desires known.  Many people ask God to give them whatever He wants.  The scripture says to ask whatever in prayer.  When we pray, we are speaking to heaven and asking for our desires and needs.  One moment on your knees will change your future.  The scripture says to ask.  Ask Him for those desires.  Ask Him for your needs.  He is listening and waiting to answer and provide.  When you ask, believe that He has heard you and has given you what you have asked for.  You should have peace in your heart that your Father has heard your prayers.  We do not need to ask again.  Pray and believe that He heard you and answered YES at the moment you asked Him.  After asking, thank Him for answered your prayers.  Faith believes what it can not see.  Just because you may not see it right away, does not mean that God has not given it to you.  Like a woman pregnant waiting for delivery, believe that what you asked for has already been given to you.  You are just waiting for delivery.  Have faith and patience.  Wait upon the Lord.  Do not stress.  Worry will destroy your future by releasing doubt. Jesus said to believe that you have received it.  Hold onto that belief that it is yours.  Just thank God and wait.  He is faithful.

Prayer: Father I thank you for this Word of faith.  It has been an answer to my needs many times.  You have always answered with great power.  It does not matter how You do it.  You always provide better then what I have asked You for.  Man has failed me, friends and family have disappointed me, but You are always faithful.  I place my trust in You and I will live in Your peace that goes beyond my imagination.  Thank You Lord.  In Jesus name, amen.

Now go do great things for God



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