It will not keep you down

for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again,

Proverbs 24:16
Problems are not made to destroy you.  They are they locate you.  To show the world who you are and what you believe in.  You might be in the midst of a great fight.  The battle has taken its toll and brought your life to a place of pressure and fear.  If that is you,  here is a Word for you.  You will not be defeated.  It will not keep you down.   Get back up!  Never stay down.  You have a promise from God that speaks louder then your struggle.  You will rise again.  Sometimes we go through trials that seem to beat us.  We feel defeated and lose almost all hope.  I declare in the name of Jesus you will rise.  You will make it.  I know the fight has been tough.  The Lord knows what you are facing.  His Word for you today is get back up.  He has not taken you this far to see you be destroyed.  You will rise again.  He will heal every wound.  Make you stronger then ever before.  You shall rise again and take your place of victory.  He is with you.  Every battle releases a blessing into your life.  A story to tell others how the Lord saved you.  How he took care of you.  Provided for your needs.  Restored everything the devil has stolen from you.  People need to hear your story.  Claim it in Jesus name.  Man of God, you shall rise.  Women of God, nothing can keep you down.  Get back up.  Arise in the name of the Lord.  Declare the Lord’s victory over your life.  It is yours.
Prayer: Father, in the name of Jesus.  I declare the Lord’s victory in my life.  I place my eyes on your promises to me.  I stand in victory with Jesus.  What was designed to destroy me has just become steps that I will walk over.  Nothing can defeat me.  The greater one is inside of me.  Lord Jesus, use me to help lift up others.  I thank you Jesus.  You never leave me alone.  In Jesus name. Amen.
Now go do something great for God

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