Throw it out

Throw it out

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13


In 1993, Veronica and I walked down the aisle of the church and committed our lives to each other in marriage.  Young and naive we set out to build our marriage and a home.  My parents still owned their old house.  They allowed us to live our first few years of marriage there.  One day as we were living in the old house, we learned an important lesson.  I was relaxing at home and my wife came into the room crying.  There was a problem in the house.  There were worms in the kitchen. Not knowing what to do, I called my father with an attitude that somehow the worms were his fault.  My father listened patiently to my dilemma.  With calmness that only experience could cultivate, he began to solve my problem.  Kevin.  Go to the kitchen, pick up the trash, and throw it out.  He said.  What I thought was a problem with my house was really a problem with me.  I needed to throw out the trash.  You may be stuck in a rut.  Maybe you are angry at your situation in life.  You could be blaming the past and others for your failures. The problem is not others, it is you.  What decisions have you made that has led you to where you are at today?  You cannot live a life accusing others for your faults.  It’s time to pick up the trash and throw it out.  Take responsibility for your life.  Ask God to give you wisdom to change.  Stop looking at others as the problem.  Make changes to your action by searching God’s Word for direction.  You were made for greatness.  Your Father placed His Spirit inside you.  This world is waiting for people like you to change it for the glory of God. Remember, you are not a victim but a victor.

Prayer: Father, please forgive me of my sins.  You did not call me to be constantly looking back and blaming others.  You called me to live strong in You.  I ask You for wisdom to know how to adjust my life to be a servant for You.  I lift up my friends and family to You.  Protect and guide them this day.  In Jesus name, amen.

Now go do something great for God


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