My God shall supply

My God shall supply And my God shall supply all your need…

Philippians 4:19

I do not remember a time that I went to bed hungry. My father took care of us. My parents made sure we had what we needed. It was never a flat no when I asked for something. They might tell me to wait sometimes, but never no. I went to my father for everything. A new glove I needed to play baseball, clothes for school, or just a toy I really wanted. Somehow, someway, my father was able to provide. We were not rich, but my parents knew how to sacrifice for their children as they began to develop their faith walk. Later, they would start to encourage me and my siblings to pray to the Father for what we wanted and needed. It was through their example of faith I began to know God not just as God but my God. My Heavenly Father.

Relationship matters. Many come to God in desperation but had never known Him through an intimate relationship. People are chasing after His hand but not His heart. When the apostle Paul declared that my God shall supply all your need, He was speaking from a deep, loving relationship He had with God our Father. Through that relationship, he could speak boldly of His Father’s faithfulness to provide and watch over them. Is He your God. Do you know outside of your times of desperation? Do you know His heart? He is good and He loves you. The Bible says that He is compassionate. Rich in mercy. Slow to anger. He is love. Do you know Him intimately? I want to encourage you to begin to seek His heart. The more you know Him, the greater you will live in victory and peace. You will no longer be moved by situations. Through relationship, your faith and confidence will grow. In every battle, you will rest in your relationship with Him. His presence will give you boldness to stand in constant victory. When needs arise, you will be able to say confidently, my God shall supply.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your great love towards me. I will begin to seek your heart more than your hand. I know you have blessed me greatly through Christ Jesus. I will begin to trust you more and rest in your faithfulness. I love you Lord. You take care of all my needs. In Jesus name, amen.

Now go do something great for God

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